Case Study / Visa Processing Digital Platform

Visa Processing Digital Platform

Client Description

The client is the global leader in managing administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visa, passport, identity management and other citizen services for its client governments. Serving more than 60 client governments in 139 countries with 2675 Application Centres



As a part of digital reformation strategy client wants to develop new channel for its visa processing business vertical which can create a strong digital touchpoints to cater the needs of rapidly increasing online travel industry across the world. Since the business idea was having large scale and acuracy in operations is crtical, the company was looking for a strong tech partner to develop its web and mobile applications from scratch.

Key Highlights

  • 01. Develop end to end Online Visa Processing platform for web and mobile devices
  • 02. Highly Secured application for visa documents and confidential customer data
  • 03. Technically advanced platform which handles workflows for approval, negotiation, proposal, document verification and submission to cater end to end Visa Application Process.
  • 04. Payment Gateway Integration for India and Dubai operations.
  • 05. CRM Integration for daily report generation and day to day marketing activities.
  • 06. Product Manuals and Product Training for back-Office executives.
  • 07. Post deployment Support to ensure the uninterrupted business operations and enhancement as per business team suggestions.

Key Challenges

Ramp up team of the 35 resources in short span of time for niche skills like NodeJs and Angular5.

Short timeline of 5 months to develop the product from scratch for first production release in both the countries India and Dubai.

Understand the complex Visas Process and dynamics of various routes (e.g. India to France) and develop the workflows accordingly.

Understand the Tax and Visa fee structure for various countries and develop the Pricing engine accordingly.

MobiNext Solution

Visa Processing involves a lot of complexity in terms of embassy rules of various countries, security required for customer data and Visa documents, Since the solution deployed at multiple countries design of engine for Visa Price and Tax. MobiNext strategically architected the solution to cater to these requirements and deployed on AWS cloud with an end to end automated upgrade mechanism.


In a fail fast-mode, to quickly find critical issues, the upgrade began with running a prototype of portal to see if it was possible to run entire visa solutioning processes to identify the remediation scope.


The scope focused on high-value areas including enabling client’s finance model and enhanced capabilities in digital marketing and cross-business process master data (customer, vendor and business partner).


The program team conducted extensive automated testing validating against entire processes requirements and performance service level agreements.


The cutover involved upgrading the software and converting client’s global data to online structures. Over a five-month period, the program team went through multiple technical and three production conversions.


Given the significant remediation scope and complexity, the program team used agile delivery methodology. Coming out of the prototype, the program team prioritised its scope into several sprints.

Benefits to Business

  • Process effectiveness resulted in operation cost reduction.
  • New Revenue stream started from online users.
  • Has brought major visibility in business due to integration with legacy System.
  • Improved response time and customer satisfaction.