Case Study / SurveyMine


Client Description

‘SurveyMine’ is designed and developed to capture the data without tempering and provide analytics with Microsoft PowerBI for further actions. It helps to integrate the feedback into systems of operations with legacy applications.



The industry has been going through New Wave of Transformation caused by economic situations and technology advancements – creating uncertainty, obstacles and delays. Now It has become almost essential to get the ideas, suggestions from the stakeholders, through abled IT feedback system, may it be process improvement at Production, planning, and logistics or assessment of the effectiveness of the new IT projects.

SurveyMine Applicability

  • 01. Process Improvement Suggestions
  • 02. New IT Projects effectiveness measurement
  • 03. Product/Parts Improvement Suggestions
  • 04. IT Assessments
  • 05. Audit
  • 06. Product experience & Feedback
  • 07. Delivery Checklist
  • 08. Support team assessments
  • 09. Customer feedback
  • 10. Service experience Feedback
  • 11. Employee engagement

Benefits to Business

  • SurveyMine is more than a survey. It is a data capture and analysis tool
  • Built with reuse as key feature – Drag & Drop Builder, Question Bank. Template.
  • Dynamic forms with SKIP Logic
  • Survey/Data Collection can be assigned to Field Staff & monitored or automatically shared with stakeholder mobile or email.
  • Easy to use and is a versatile tool.