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Driving digital innovation in the automotive industry


We understand that the automotive industry is rapidly evolving and that companies need to adapt to new technologies to remain competitive. At MobiNext, we have executed more than 25 different projects in the automotive domain, covering areas such as production planning, quality, logistics, after-sales and service, and technical support. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by automotive companies, and we have developed solutions that help address those challenges.

Committed to deliver innovative solutions in the automotive industry

Digital transformation has had a profound impact on the automotive industry, from the manufacturing process to the driving experience. Our team of experts has years of experience in the automotive industry and is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to our clients.

Digital transformation has revolutionized the manufacturing process, bringing about significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality. One of the main benefits of digital transformation in the manufacturing process is the use of data analytics. Manufacturers can collect and analyse large amounts of data from the manufacturing process to identify areas of improvement and optimize their operations. This data can also be used to predict maintenance needs and identify potential equipment failures before they occur, resulting in reduced downtime and increased productivity.

  • 01. Station Planning & Change management
  • 02. Expired Material Tracking
  • 03. Line Balancing
  • 04. Quality Gates: Test recording, Reporting & Problem Management
  • 05. Progress Tracking on Shop floor
  • 06. IOT on shop floor – integration with PLCs, wearables, operator stations for analytics and actionable


Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by automotive companies, and we have developed solutions that help address those challenges.

Software defined Vehicle

Transforming the vehicle functions to Software, rather than hardware based System

Paperless Factory

Improve efficiency and quality by digitizing and streamlining the manufacturing operations with Paperless factory solution.


Enabling interoperability between different systems and components and improving time-to-market.

Automotive OTA

OEM can remotely update the software and firmware of a vehicle without the need for physical access, reducing costs and improving convenience for consumers.


Enabling vehicles to become increasingly intelligent and capable with improved safety.

Smart Manufacturing

Optimize production processes, monitor equipment performance, and improve quality control and improve efficiency using IoT

Connected Car

It uses sensors and cameras to provide drivers with real-time information about their surroundings, such as traffic conditions, road hazards, and weather conditions

Data Analytics

OEMs are collecting vast amount of data on Customer feedback, safety incidence, defects reported by dealers and using data analytics to extract insights and drive improvements.


Transforming the automotive industry by providing new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and safety.

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